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Being a part of the South African and Stellenbosch community means that each of us must take extraordinary steps to stay healthy and well during these Covid times. In this phase of the lockdown regulations, now more than ever, individuals need to take responsibility for their own health and well-being.

Dr Martin Combrinck (PhD), director of Sanga Wellness, a pioneering corporate wellness company in South Africa, initiated the My COVID-19 Pledge campaign. The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness of individual responsibility for health and wellness and to motivate people to make the commitment and pledge their participation.

According to Combrinck “changing behaviours is the key to reducing health risks, reducing the prevalence of chronic disease, and reducing related health expenses. It is impossible to have good health unless you have healthy behaviours”. By signing this pledge you commit and take responsibility for your own health and the health of others.

The My Covid-19 Pledge consists of 3 segments: the pledge to protect myself, pledge to protect others and pledge to protect my community. Participants in this campaign will receive a “Covid Pledge Badge” to share with family, friends and co-workers on social media to show that they take responsibility for your health.

“This pledge campaign uses a simplified behaviour change model designed to help people improve health behaviours. The model is AMSO (Awareness, Motivation, Skills, and Opportunities).”

“The four components are pretty easy to understand. Awareness and education is the “what” of behaviour change (Covid-19). The motivation is what drives us to change (take personal responsibility). The skills and tools portion is the “how do I do this?” part (wash hands, wear mask, etc.), and the opportunities relate to Covid policy and support from others and the community that all help us to be successful, says Combrinck.

“Humans are very social creatures and we depend upon each other for many things, including our attempts to be healthy. Spouses and significant others are perhaps the most important part of a successful behaviour change effort. It is possible to change behaviours without the help of others, but it is extremely difficult. It is easier to be healthy when someone is joining us on this journey. Social support can include more than just spouses and significant others – it can include co-workers, professional colleagues, friends, neighbours, church groups, and the like.”

In essence, do the right thing. Start to take personal responsibility for your health and wellbeing and the health of the community during the Covid times. Go and sign the pledge and share the COVID badge on social media with the hashtag #mycovidpledge.

Sanga Wellness has partnered with to have maximum reach and impact with this community campaign.

“Participation in the campaign does not cost anything, you do not win anything, but by participating, you show that you care – for yourself and your community. Through the campaign can show that they care for their fellow Stellenbosch residents and society at large. Let’s support this initiative,” says Combrinck.

We welcome the support for this campaign from other companies and you can contact Combrinck via email at or visit the website for more information. The online pledge can be made at

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